Having your portrait  taken by a professional photographer is absolutely worth the investment. It will sell you and you business instantly, allowing your brand to look more established and attractive to prospective clients.

A portrait is not just a shot of a person, it’s a reflection of their being. Capturing the right moment, at the right angle, in the right light with the best lens is not going to happen by just buying an expensive camera; a good portrait is a combination of a hundred things, most especially, the ability to understand what a person needs their image to reflect. Power. Sensitivity. Care. Joy. How do you reflect that in an instant? It can be done.

In studio or on location, I meet you for a relaxed shoot, where I will make sure you look your best and that your portrait fits in with the rest of your brand.

I work very slowly with a person, exploring their face with the camera, sculpturing the portrait out like in clay. So no Naomi Campbell moves, not too many twirls and no jumping up and down shouting out loud. Unless that’s who you are all about of course!

Having your portrait taken can be scary and awkward. People often feel as if they’re going to the dentist before they come in to a studio. They expect it to be cold and large and intimidating. But when we get going, it’s a real joy. It’s relaxed. You don’t have to do much, I will do the driving and you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. You’re safe in my hands. As long as you hand over the trust, I’ll take the responsibility.

Many of my clients come out boosted and happy, so the dental experience has suddenly turned into a spa treatment. They feel proud and beautiful. It can really be a wonderful time.


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