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Hi there!

I’m Mi Elfverson, I’m a brand, portrait and travel photographer.

A lot of people say that I see things that no one else sees. “Was that really where we were, how could I have missed that?” they’ll say when we come back after a trip and see my photos. It’s nothing magic, I guess I just tend to see things from a slightly different perspective. The little things. The big things. The details that make up the bigger picture.

It usually starts with a shape, then the texture and light. It all comes together in the composition.

The same with people; you can’t just take a photo of a face. You need to understand where they’re coming from, what drives them and where they want to go to be able to bring out their character and true self. You need to be curious, you need to be truly interested in getting the best result. The rest is technicalities and experience.

My Dad gave me my first camera when I was 12 years old, a half frame Robot Star from Germany.

I went to Photography School in Stockholm and then ventured into the film world, where, among other things I worked with casting and learnt how to capture personality in a portrait.

Mi Elfverson fashion photographer

After many years of hobby photography on the side of working in very high-end commercial film production in Stockholm, Los Angeles, New York and London, I became a full time corporate photographer, focussing on products, interiors, portraits and food.

I now do portraits, travel photography and Brand Photography.

I also run The Vlog Academy, where I train people to do their own video blogs.

Get in touch if you want to have a chat aboutĀ getting some photos done:

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Mi Elfverson