Travelling to Green List country, from England to Iceland

So you want to go to Iceland from England, because it’s on the Green list?

Don’t book anything before you’ve read the supplied document!

It could be more complicated and expensive than you think. You need to be prepared, have several Covid-19 tests and there’s a lot of paperwork to fill in and file.

Would I have gone if I had known how much hassle it would have been and how much I had to pay? Hmmm…

I was dying to get out of here after 1,5 years in and out of lockdown and I loved the idea of travelling through Iceland with my son, but it was very stressful to get everything together. If you find it easy to organise paperwork and don’t mind filing in documents to the government, then you’ll be fine. Just ensure you have plenty of time.

We only had four nights, as Easyjet only flies certain days and I felt seven would be too much, however, I think it would have been calmer with a few more nights to relax in the same place for a while.

I’ve put together the order of what we have to do to give you an overview – however, I take no responsibility for supplying the correct information, you need to check everything yourself as it’s both individual and can change any time.

To have a look at our travel itinerary, read the next blog!

Good luck and enjoy Iceland.



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