The craftiest ladies in Sweden

“Some families bake, other play board games, we devote our time to crafting.”


These are the words of Karin and Freja from Pysselbolaget (The Crafts Company). To “pyssle” is to do crafts. Or to fiddle with something. Usually with passion. And they sure do a lot of passionate crafting these girls. When we visit this lovely family in their wonderful home in Sweden, there´s always a trillion little projects going on. Colourful tape, pipe insulation, recycled bottles, egg cartons – you don´t dare throwing anything away after breakfast, it might just be today´s blogpost in development. All crafts need to be simple to produce, preferably be made by recycled goods, but most important of all, it has to be fun to create them – together.

PYS_3531 PYS_3488


Pysselbolaget. Photos by Mi Elfverson

Karin, a very talented graphic designer, and her daughter Freja, a very clever 11-year-old, started blogging about their craft projects some five years ago. Pysselbolaget is now the top blog about crafts in the country. Their book “Pyssla med mig” with the most popular craft ideas was released last year and Pysselbolaget is now high in demand in national newspapers, other blogs and on TV.

Karin asked me to update their portraits, as Freja didn´t even have teeth when they started out. I loved taking the photos and we moved around in different areas of their lovely house, surrounded by colourful strange items.

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