Brighton – not just a party town

I´m always amazed that I’ve ended up living in this little English seaside town officially called Brighton&Hove. After years in Stockholm, New York and London, this is where I lay my hat? 

I’ve been here for ten years now and all I can say is that Brighton is an all-year supplier of most of the good things in life. It’s certainly not just a party town, it’s not just a university site, it’s not only an organic green quirky hippy artist residence and it´s not just the main gay community of the Uk just a short train ride from central London. It pretty much covers everything between and also above and beyond that. 

For me, Brighton is a lot about having the nature just around the corner, where ever you are. The city is vibrant and full of life, but so is the sea and the beautiful South Downs and the windy roads that cross through the fields between them. 

There’s always something to see, even in mid winter when the skies are so grey and foggy you can’t see the end of the road.

I’ll never say for ever, but for now, this is my home.


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