Brighton from above in British Airways i360

So many years, so many days, so many debates and so so so many taxpayers´ pounds later, it’s finally here. The stick in the sky, a needle in the eye, the supposed pride of Brighton beach; it’s The British Airways i360.

And finally, 162 metres later, we’re up there. With champagne in hand, a four months delayed birthday present from my BFF.

And the beauty is there, the city below us, the magic of seeing it all from straight above. The sea spreading out, vast and majestic, but the rather astonishing and unusual view of all these places that I’ve seen for so many years, now observing them from above, is what makes the elevated perspective so unique and special.

I´ve made the photos black and white to enhance the surreal feeling of the city scape from above, plus I think it gives them a really edgy New York-esque character.

This one-off visit was well worth it of course, but needless to say, we Brightonians pray that enough people will come to make this single spot attraction worth the cost of it.

To find out more about this Brighton Tourist attraction and to visit British Airways i360:

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