5 x things I love about Copenhagen

Copenhagen – The capital of Denmark – famous for its beer, sausages and a little mermaid. But this is not why I’m drawn to this Nordic city – there are many other reasons to see Copenhagen. Here are the top five things I love about Copenhagen!

The Architecture

Being a tiny little country, drawn between the bigger neighbours, the Danes have developed a strong sense of integrity, which shows in the crazy mix of architecture.

Hansa style town house stretches right next to country side cottages next to Danish iconic mid century design houses. The outskirts of Copenhagen display some grand mansions, again mixed in with smaller cute cottage style houses and modern designs. I´ve always loved houses, and Copenhagen is a feast for the heart and the eye.

Pictured: Nyhavn in central Copenhagen is famous for its colourful exteriors – and history. It’s now full of buzzy tourist restaurants and bars.

Danish furniture

Scandinavia is famous for their mid century furniture but this is not the only design area the Danes master with flare; furniture, sculpture and fashion are equally high in standards and are visible throughout the heart of the capital. I love all design and especially the clean cut Scandinavian high quality mid century stuff.

Pictured: The Radisson Blu lobby, just opposite the station, was designed by Arne Jacobsen himself and it’s worth taking a peak – and do have a swirl in one of the swan chairs!

Cosy restaurants and bars

Danes have really chilled bars and restaurants and serve hearty but healthy food. If you like beer (I don’t!) you won’t go thirsty but a number of cosy wine bars are popping up all over the place. Lots of fish, beef and of course sausages.

Pictured: I visited this simple but high quality wine bar, simply called Vinbaren – the wine bar – and had a hearty meal of beef casserole with my glass of house Malbec; delicious!


One thing I love about Scandinavia is that bikes are part of your life. I grew up on a bike – you simply wouldn’t get anywhere if you didn’t have one – and in Denmark you face the risk of getting run over by a bike every time you step outside. They’re fast, they’re big, there furious, they’re everywhere.


Bread!! Danes know how to kneed a dough! Their healthy options for dark and wholesome bread is never ending and the pastries and bakery sections are enormous.

The trendy juice bar Joe & the juice needs a specific mention as they’re cropping up everywhere and I’ve been known to visit twice a day on some occasion. Super healthy juices and toasted dark rye sandwiches served by cheerful lads in black. Go Joe!


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